Screen Printing Training Classes
Do you want to take YOUR business to the next level?

Vastex University is once again ahead of the pack with this innovative training session designed to give YOU the tools needed to build your business.

This two-day workshop, featuring two of the screen printing business' most sought after veterans, will focus on the concepts and practices used by the most successful companies in the business.

Day 1
Greg Kitson will help "Give Your Decorated Apparel Business a Tune-Up"

This workshop is a fast moving classroom intensive 6 hour session that will concentrate on providing & discussing management tools that business owners and managers can use to "Tune-Up" their Biz.

  • Resource inventories
  • Data/production loop theory
  • Problem identification & resolution
  • Communication skills
  • Business growth strategies
  • What to do next
  • and more...

Day 2
Charlie Taublieb on "Shop tips and tricks for maximum profitability and top quality"

You will spend the day learning the techniques and processes to make your shop a well-oiled production machine. Tips to ensure superior quality control so work that goes out... doesn't come back.

  • Shop layout and design
  • Tools of the trade
  • Production techniques and flow
  • Quality control procedures
  • Documentation and paper trails