Screen Printing Training Classes
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, outperforming your competition hinges on improving your quality, reducing your costs, and keeping your repeat customers while attracting new ones.
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Classes on Art Preparation Screen Printing and Marketing
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Classes on Art Preparation Screen Printing and Marketing
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Classes on Art Preparation Screen Printing and Marketing
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Classes on Art Preparation Screen Printing and Marketing
Join our one-day introduction to the very basics of creating art, and screen printing it onto garments.


This introduction is designed for the art production beginner and is organized in a way that enables even the most frustrated, new screen printing artist to gain a fundamental understanding of the art creation process.

Essential for the absolute beginner in art production, this overview is a chance for you to see what is needed in basic art...


Our intensive three day hands-on training program is a well rounded class for both newcomers to the industry and experienced screen printers who need more technical training. This class will cover the entire screen printing process from start to finish teaching every student the fundamentals of screen printing that can shave months off of the learning curve and also eliminate traditional start up struggles for newbies. Also covered will be cost saving and troubleshooting techniques that will be essential for all shops.

Perfect Fit — Newbie or Veteran...


If you are a graphics professional or heavily involved in the art-to-positive graphics process, this full day art production workshop was designed for you.

Class Outline:

  • Reviewing vector drawing and Photoshop programs
  • Basic positive and stencil needs
  • Choosing the right positives and printer for your needs
  • Understanding, Preparing, and printing color separations


Greg Kitson's PROFITcycleTM class reveals proven strategies to increase screen printing production and profit. Geared towards advanced and intermediate screen printers alike, the class details an integrated 12-step plan of action designed to boost your business to new heights.

Some of the many topics covered include:

  • Pricing to increase profit: make more and work less
  • Streamlining your business from A to Z


This informative session will help you understand the principles of designing for and screen printing on dark garments, including special print techniques to increase productivity. Veteran educator Charlie Taublieb will share insight into choosing the correct LPI, dot angles, screen mesh and color order to make your prints stand out. Also learn how to print on dark garments using an underlay, flash and additional colors printing wet-on-wet.


This lecture will be the first of two innovative seminars. This session will cover points of interest on how to get a bigger bang for your buck from your customers using water-based and discharge ink products. Find out from this award-winning decorator how using water-based and discharge inks can be the starting point to most multimedia screen printing. By using more than just traditional plastisol inks, you can become a rock star apparel decorator and make bigger profits.


Basic Screenmaking is learning to harden a simple line art stencil with UV energy and dissolve the image area. Advanced Screenmaking controls exposure undercutting and light scatter, high tension on modern thin thread mesh and making UV opaque positives for halftones and fine lines. All this starts with compensating for the effects of screenmaking in graphics programs like CorelDRAW and Photoshop and ends with printing tiny details on lights or darks.


Do you know the most popular price model in screenprinting today is, "A nickel less than the other guy"?

Do not make this costly mistake!

Join industry veteran Greg Kitson as he covers the basics of both production- and market-based screen print pricing models.

Intended for professional, intermediate and entry level printers alike, the course will explain how to conduct market research and apply the results to develop a price model that keeps you both competitive and PROFITable!


Are you serious about YOUR screen printing business?

Do you want to take YOUR business to the next level?

Vastex University is once again ahead of the pack with this innovative training session designed to give YOU the tools needed to build your business.

This two-day workshop, featuring two of the screen printing business' most sought after veterans, will focus on the concepts and practices used by the most successful companies in the business.


Customized three to five-day onsite training for your shop with complete equipment installation & total technical instruction in a casual presentation to you and your staff.

No equipment purchase is necessary, however, classes can be purchased with complete shops. Onsite classes are customized for your needs, which can include:

  • Installation of new equipment
  • Staff training
  • Advanced techniques
  • Production efficiency improvement
The following is a sample schedule when all five days are purchased. Onsite training is customized to the needs assessed in your shop. The most common practice to help you set up and print your first job or two. When done in your facility on your machines, the benefits are substantial.
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Assemble frames
  • Coat screens
  • Press assembly
  • VRS
  • Exposure unit
  • Mesh choice
  • Positives
  • Exposure testing
  • Wash out
  • Preparation
  • Press setup
  • Preparing orders



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