Exposing Units and Drying Cabinets
E-100 & E-1000 Entry Level Exposing Units

Fluorescent Entry level
Exposing Units

E-200 LED Exposing Unit

LED Entry level
Exposing Unit

E-2000 LED Screen Exposing Unit

LED Industrial-Grade
Exposing Units

E-4731 Premium level floor model exposing unit

Fluorescent Industrial-Grade
Exposing Units

Dri-Vault 10 screen drying cabinet

Heavy duty screen drying cabinets available in 10 and 24 screen capacities.

Dri-Vault wide screen drying cabinet

Holds up to (20) 25" x 36"
(63.6 x 91.4 cm) or up to (10)
51" x 36" (129.5 x 91.4 cm)

Did You Know? All-new LED Light Packs from Vastex consume far less electricity than metal halide lamps, last over 50,000 hours, start instantly, remain cool during operation and produce crisp, high resolution exposures quickly. Check out the new Vastex E-200 LED Exposing units, now available in models for entry level printers up to large-format commercial printers.