Vastex classes are taught by a dream team of industry-leading experts in the field of screen printing, not by Vastex personnel.

This is your assurance that your instructor will always be the best available to teach any specialized subject, and that your instructor does not push any brand of equipment. Indeed, owners of any brand of screen printing equipment are welcome

to take Vastex classes. Unlike some classes that are little more than captive sales pitches for equipment and supples, Vastex classes are bonafide educational courses focusing purely on individual screen printing subjects. Vastex

provides the locations and the equipment for hands-on training, and the network that puts you in front of the best independent screen printing instructors in the business.



Douglas Grigar

Douglas Grigar is a Texas State Technical College alumnus, and is known as a Master screen printer, educator, production artist, and separation specialist. He founded a specialty direct marketing T-shirt business, now concentrating on industry educational classes, seminars, and workshops. He also worked as a Graphics System Administrator and ultimately as Pre-Press Production Manager responsible for purchasing, installing and maintaining corporate graphics systems including LANs, servers and printers, and for training of technical, pre-press and graphics personnel over a span of 11 years. He was also the General Manager of Production for an upscale multi-location licensed retailer where he was responsible for scheduling, production, personal, and the company's, manual and automatic presses and related equipment.

Since 2001 Douglas has been an independent consultant to the screen printing trade,

providing graphic services, marketing and sales support, new product testing, and technical training. As an instructor he has developed numerous courses for beginning, intermediate and professional-level screen printers internationally. He assisted with collegiate level curriculum development, and has applied that experience in developing an exceptional training program that is interactive, highly organized, and respected throughout the industry.

A educator for 10 years presenting at the Vastex location, Douglas is a lifetime artist and expert in the major graphics programs utilized by the screen printing industry. He is a full time study on screen printing technology, and continuously updates his educational materials to inform his students of the very latest techniques.


Charlie Taublieb

Charlie Taublieb is a technical screen-printing consultant with over 44 years in the industry. Charlie has worked in all aspects of the industry from designing facilities to resolving technical problems. He owned an award winning automated screen-printing company in Brooklyn, NY and a screen-printing supply house in Denver, Colorado. He has consulted with small and large companies worldwide and is recognized as an expert in the textile screen printing field. Taublieb has been conducting workshops and seminars for over 40 years including those for

the Imprinted Sportswear Shows, FESPA, SGIA Shows, DAX Shows and others in the US and abroad. He has been a contributing writer for IMPRESSIONS Magazine, and several other industry publications in the US and overseas.

Taublieb is a graduate of Western Michigan University, a member and Chairman of the Academy of Screen & Digital Printing Technologies.