Vastex classes are taught by a dream team of industry-leading experts in the field of screen printing.

This is your assurance that your instructor will always be the best available to teach any specialized subject, and that your instructor does not push any brand of equipment. Indeed, owners of any brand of screen printing equipment are welcome

to take Vastex classes. Unlike some classes that are little more than captive sales pitches for equipment and supples, Vastex classes are bonafide educational courses focusing purely on individual screen printing subjects. Vastex

provides the locations and the equipment for hands-on training, and the network that puts you in front of the best independent screen printing instructors in the business.



Paul Zingone

Uniquely qualified as a screen printing instructor, Paul Zingone shares extensive experience with his class not only as a machinery manufacturing expert, but also as a successful screen printing business owner.

With over 10 years in sales and marketing at Vastex, Paul has worked closely with hundreds of new and existing shops — from beginners to large commercial operations — creating solutions to help their businesses succeed. He has also shared his equipment knowledge through leading screen printing publications, numerous how-to screen printing videos, and Vastex trade shows nationally and internationally.

Paul began screen printing as a hobby in college, and shortly thereafter turned it into a thriving business, which expanded to include automated screen printing, embroidery, laser etching, sublimation, vinyl cutting, and most recently, his own clothing and lifestyle brand.

As a hands-on printer and graphic designer, Paul is proficient with Adobe's Creative

Cloud suite of programs, including Illustrator and Photoshop, creating much of the artwork used in his shop. With his understanding of separation and RIP software, he demonstrates how to prepare simple to complicated designs for screen printing on garments, signage, hard goods and other substrates.

Through his ongoing relationships with other industry leaders over 20 years, Paul remains at the forefront of screen printing trends and technology.

With a degree in telecommunications and business from Pennsylvania State University, and long-term experience in running a successful screen printing company, Paul also offers time-tested advice on the essentials of maximizing profit, covering all major factors from set-up and sourcing of supplies to pricing and marketing of screen printed products.



Charlie Taublieb

Charlie Taublieb is a technical screen-printing consultant with over 44 years in the industry. Charlie has worked in all aspects of the industry from designing facilities to resolving technical problems. He owned an award winning automated screen-printing company in Brooklyn, NY and a screen-printing supply house in Denver, Colorado. He has consulted with small and large companies worldwide and is recognized as an expert in the textile screen printing field. Taublieb has been conducting workshops and seminars for over 40 years including those for the Imprinted

Sportswear Shows, FESPA, SGIA Shows, DAX Shows and others in the US and abroad. He has been a contributing writer for IMPRESSIONS Magazine, and several other industry publications in the US and overseas.

Taublieb is a graduate of Western Michigan University, a member and Chairman of the Academy of Screen & Digital Printing Technologies.



Jon Yankowy

Jon Yankowy is a graphic designer and illustrator who has 25 years of experience in business management and operations, in addition to managing his own screen-printing business.

Jon joined Vastex in 2022 as a Sales Associate, bringing his expertise in customer service, sales, marketing and hands-on textile printing to help Vastex customers improve all aspects of their businesses.

An artist and musician, he is a lover of comic books, grindcore and punk rock, he has created intricate graphic designs for concerts and other events.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design and Illustration from Millersville University.