When they were 100% polyester, no one wanted them. Now they are called Performance Fabrics and everyone is being asked to print them, but many printers are uncertain about what to use and how to handle them.

This two day, hands-on workshop will address Performance Fabrics, the inks that can be used, and the special effects possible. Silicone and polyester inks combined with foils can create exciting prints.

The workshop will cover everything from artwork to screen making and printing techniques for all ink types, and will detail step-by-step procedures to ensure successful finished prints.

You will learn:

  • Designing and separating for Performance Fabrics
  • Understanding and working with Silicone Inks
  • Special effects on Performance Fabrics
  • Water Base and Discharge special effects
  • Foils and the different ways to use them

Also addressed: Working with cotton garments using some of the same inks as well as water base — including discharge — and combining them with foil.

Beginners to advanced printers are welcome. All you need are work clothes — everything else will be supplied!