In four days, you will experience the entire screen printing process from beginning to end, with detailed training on each step from prepress through reclaiming. In addition to the fundamentals of screen printing, you will learn shortcuts and techniques that will save time, money and improve results, giving your screen-printing enterprise an edge over the competition.


Day 1: Step 2 - Vector Art for Beginners (may be taken individually as a 1 day class for $150)

Day 2: Step 3 - Intro to Screen Printing (may be taken individually as ½ day class for $100)

Day 2 - 4: 3-Day Hands-on Training

Perfect Fit — Newbie or Veteran:

Maybe you are looking to enter the screen printing industry but have no clue where to begin. Or maybe you are an experienced screen printer who needs to overcome technical problems that occur in almost every shop. No matter what your place in the industry this training class will be a perfect fit. In addition to the fundamentals, you will learn how to avoid common problems that can result in months of wasted time, money and supplies. This training program offers the most effective methods and advanced industry tips and techniques that will benefit every shop.

Hands On and Peer Interaction:

Every student will be involved with the entire production cycle including taking a screen from start to printed product. Along with the entire class, you will have the opportunity to degrease, coat and expose a screen along with all the subsequent preparation and cleaning of screen after printing. With each step you will have an open forum to interact with both the trainer and your peers. There is plenty of time to ask questions specific to your shop and situation.


Screen printing detailed course includes training in:

  • basics of creating vector graphics
  • working with customer provided art
  • creating quality film positives using the RIP software
  • screen coating
  • screen frame choices
  • mesh selection
  • exposure control and emulsion choices
  • identifying and solving problems
  • special inks and procedures
  • curing and Flashing
  • screen cleaning and reclaiming
  • prepress through reclaiming

We do not cover basic functions of Adobe Illustrator in the artwork portion this class. If you don't have a working knowledge of Illustrator, please take the Five Day Screen Printing A-Z class.