Automatic Screen Printing Press

ROQPRINT ECO Automatic Screen Printing Press

The ROQprint ECO is a powerhouse machine for large production shops, producing up to 1300 garments per hour -- 30% more than with the ROQprint YOU. It can be configured with 12 to 20 pallets and print in 1 to18 colors, with print areas ranging from 18 x 22 in. up to a maximum of 39 x 43 in. In addition, it can easily integrate optional ROQflock and ROQfoil modules to create unlimited special effects.

This robust yet quiet machine features a special industrial-strength chain that can turn the press at a greater rate of speed for high production, but also allows the operator more control over the press. The operator can half step between pallets to check work while setting up a job, use the "send pallet" feature to send it to a specific print head, speed up to double index, or change the index direction.

Each print head is individually controlled, allowing for shorter or longer print strokes as needed, independently of what is happening at the next print head. The print heads on the ECO are elevated so the ROQflock and ROQfoil modules can easily slide underneath; the print head does not need to be removed to accommodate these components. Fully equipped, the ROQprint ECO can ink, foil and flock on a single pass with two operators, saving up to 70% on the labor cost of special effects.

The ROQprint ECO has an enhanced PLC touch screen control console that allows the operator to completely control the press without ever leaving the load/unload station. The operator can choose which print head to initiate the first color, move that pallet to the flash cure, move it again to print the next color, and so on until the operator sends it to the unload station.

Colors: 1 to 18

Pallets: 12 to 20

Number of Optional Flash Cure Connection Units: 5 to 9

Print area: From 17.7 x 22.7 in. (450 x 550 mm) to 27.6 x39.4 in. (700 x 1000 mm) depending on pallet size

Capacity: Up to 1300 garments per hour


  • ECO Vacuum Version, with Suction Pallets;
  • Laser Markers;
  • Power and Control Connections for Flash are built into the machine base;
  • Flash Cure units;
  • Compatible with ROQ FLOCK;
  • Compatible with ROQ FOIL;
  • Skip Function.


ROQPRINT ECO P10 L P12 L P14 L P16 L P18 L P20 L
number of colors (max.) 8 10 12 14 16 18
number of pallets 10 12 14 16 18 20
number of flash cure connection units (optional) 4 5 6 7 8 9
maximum print size (mm/inch) 480 x 630 / 19" x 24.8" 480 x 630 / 19" x 24.8" | 700 x 700 / 27.6" x 27.6" *

* double index

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