Automatic Screen Printing Press

ROQ NANO Automatic Screen Printing Press

The ROQ NANO machine is ideal for printing bags, tags, baby clothes and other smaller areas. Featuring 10 pallets and four colors, this machine features integrated quartz flash technology to save time between colors and increase production.

This unit has all the features of the larger ROQ units including micro registration, laser guided system for precise placement and convertible print heads. The easy to use printer interface with LCD touch screen allows control of flashes, print and flood speeds and height and angle of the squeegees and stroke length.

This compact, mobile unit can fit through doorways and be moved without the need to level the machine.

Colors: 1 to 4

Pallets: 10

Number of Flash Cure Connection Units: 4

Print area: up to 7.9 x 7.9 in. (200 x 200 mm)

Capacities: up to 1200 garments/h



ROQ NANO Automatic Screen Printing Press line drawing

Number of Colors (max.) 4
Number of Pallets 10
Number of Flash Cure connection units (optional) 4
Maximum Print Size (mm/inch) 200 x 200 / 7.9" x 7.9"
Minimum Width of the base (mm/feet) 800 / 2.6'
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