Vastex Offers New Handy Squeegee Rest

Improve your productivity and lessen physical fatigue when using a manual printer with the new squeegee rest attachment from Vastex. This versatile tool will attach to any type of screen with square sides made out of wood, aluminum, or steel. A version for screens with round sides (such as is used for some retensionable screen brands) is in the works. It works best on rear clamp presses where the sides of the screen are completely exposed.

The squeegee rest requires no tools to attach or holes to drill. It is composed of set of clamps that are attached to either side of the screen that allows a tube or rod-supplied by the end user-to be added, which spans across the screen. The clamps can be slid to a position just past the image to reduce motion and keep ink limited to the used part of the screen.

If you have a small pocket image, position the squeegee rest just below the design and you can print and rest the squeegee conveniently close by to resume printing faster. It is universal to any rear clamp press.

Squeegee Rest