Vastex Offers New F-Flash Rotary Pallet

Start-up printers on a tight budget may not be able to immediately afford a conveyor dryer for their new shop. Vastex has designed a dual rotary pallet adapter that fits under the Vastex F-Flash , F1-18, and other brand flashes.

The F-Flash rotary flash cure table, VRT-F1-18, attaches to the flash post that supports the head. The rotary table features a simple adjustment to raise and lower the unit with the turn of one knob. Ball-thrust bearings provide smooth operation to rotate the two tables under the flash head. One or both tables can be easily removed to provide several options to do curing and flashing.

With both tables installed, the flash can be used as a dryer only or remove one table and swing the head over your press for flashing and over the flash table for a final cure. Many small shops use a flash cure for all

their flashing and curing needs, and Vastex has designed a solution for them. The rotary table can be added to other brands of flash-cure units with a round post.

The specially designed all-steel pallet has ventilation holes to keep the pallet from overheating. Pallets come in two sizes: 15 inches by 22 inches and 18 inches by 24 inches. At this time, the rotary flash table works with the Vastex F-Flash and other brand flashes while another model is in the works for the Vastex R-Flash and AirFlash.


F Flash Rotary Pallet