Vastex Announces the Universal Polo Shirt Attachment

In response to customer requests, Vastex International is announcing the release of its Universal Polo Shirt Attachment which will fit all makes and models of screen printing presses.

As any screen printer who has printed on polo shirts knows, the raised neckline and buttons on a polo shirt make it difficult to screen print on the chest. Most screen printers have worked out their own solution where they "build-up" the area under the design on their pallet to compensate for the buttons. This can often be a nuisance and a time consuming process.

The Universal Polo Shirt Attachment from Vastex takes

the hassle out of screen-printing on polo shirts by providing a quick and easy solution. The Attachment simply clamps to any pallet under the "print" area and is designed to work with any press with any "standard size" pallet. Measuring 6 1/2" x 5" and featuring a rubber top, it is constructed of heavy gauge steel and clamps to your pallet with two knobs.

The polo shirt is then loaded on the pallet as normal and the neckline is laid flush with the attachment. This provides an even surface for the squeegee to glide over. The fastening knobs allow for minor adjustments depending on pallet size and the raised edge of the attachment serves as a guide for

loading the neckline of the shirt flush with the attachment. Using two attachments on the same pallet would also provide a "groove" for people needing to print over seams in garments.

Note: Because of the "floating" squeegee on an automatic press, two attachments would be required.

The Universal Polo Shirt Attachment, is available for immediate shipment and can be ordered directly from Vastex International or through any of our authorized resellers.

Model number: VP-PSA
Available for immediate shipment

Polo Shirt Attachment Close-up

Shaded area is lifted by polo attachment so that seams and buttons do not interfere with the squeegee blade.

Polo Shirt Attachment

Polo Shirt Attachment - 6 1/2" x 5"