Double Your Screen Producing Output

Increase your screen exposing capacity with the brand-new VASTEX Exposit #E4427. This double-wide exposure unit offers all the same great features as the single screen model, but is big enough to hold a 44x27 inch single screen or two 22x27 inch screens.

The unit, which comes standard as a floor model, features 1/2-inch thick tempered glass. The vacuum is drawn through stops in the glass; there are no holes in the rubber blanket. Beneath the glass are 12 inch black UV bulbs and two white fluorescent bulbs for a total of 14. They are mounted on 3 inch centers to give a high concentration of streak-free light output.

The controls include a digital timer, which turns off the lights, as well as a vacuum pump. Available options are wheels to make the unit easy to move around the shop and the VRS pin registration system.

Maintenance and upkeep is simple with the lift top and easy access control section. At the heart of this unprecedented design is an independent vacuum frame system that is mounted with hinges to the cabinet with black UV lights.

Other light output types are in development. The vacuum frame has upper and lower hinged lids. When the lower lid is locked in the down position, the unit works

like a conventional vacuum system. When the lower frame is unlocked from the cabinet, the entire vacuum frame assembly can be hinged up while the screen and positive are in position and fully vacuumed down. The screen can be inspected from the glass side prior to exposure or an alternate light source can be used. Even the VRS pin registration works with the vacuum frame up.

The E4427 comes with a three-year warranty on manufacturer's defects of all parts.

VASTEX Exposit #E4427