Vastex Adds Intake Filter to ECII & EC54 Dryers

Vastex International is pleased to announce that effective immediately, all EconoRed II and EconoRed 54 dryers now come equipped with an intake filters.

EconoRed II and EconoRed 54 infrared dryers incorporate a unique air-cooling and exhaust system. Cool air, drawn in through a filtered intake, scrubs the skin while drawing the excess heat and contaminants out of the chamber. This system keeps the control section and skin of the dryer so cool that absolutely no insulation is used

outside of the heating elements. As anyone who works in a screen-printing shop knows, there is plenty of lint and dust around which collects everywhere, including the cooling system. The new intake filter captures such lint and dust, keeping the cooling system running clean and in the process, pulling such contaminants from the air.

The new intake filter can be easily cleaned or replaced by the user on an as needed

basis. This new feature is now shipping in all EconoRedII and EconoRed 54 dryers at no additional cost to the user. Existing EconoRed II and EconoRed 54 owners can add the intake filter to their existing dryers in the field for a nominal fee.

The intake filter for the EconoRed II and EconoRed 54 dryers is another example of Vastex International's continuing efforts to improve its products at minimal cost to the consumer.