Vastex Adds X Series Conveyors to EconoRed 30-inch and 54-inch Dryers

In the Vastex tradition of constantly improving and upgrading its top-quality line of manual screen printing equipment, major improvements have recently been made to the company's line of EconoRed infrared conveyor dryers.

The EconoRed 30 inch and 54 inch now feature a greatly improved belt drive system called the X-Series. This series is already available on the DB-18, DB-30, and EconoRed I dryers. The new X series conveyor system-which consists of a conveyor bed, belt, and drive-has been redesigned to be heavier duty, easier to use, and more dependable.

One advantage of the X series conveyor belt system is simpler

belt tracking. The old system, which had been patented by founder Mike Vasilantone in the 70s, required the belt to be unlocked for adjustments and maintenance. The new system can be accessed with the turn of one bolt on either side of the conveyor.

Assembly of X-series conveyor dryers, which are separated into three parts for shipping, are now faster and easier with the new design. Owners have fewer parts to keep track of, and overall the assembly is much less complicated and more straight-forward. The drive system, which includes the motor and the chain, also has been improved. Users will find easier access to the motor for maintenance and repairs, and new safety features

have been incorporated on the chain guard to ensure there are no injuries.

The entire X series conveyor system is more heavy duty, easier to use and will give the end user confidence in the product and company they put their trust in. With the introduction of this new series to the two larger EconoRed dryers, they have been renamed EconoRed II-30 and EconoRed II-54.

X Series Conveyors with EconoRed 54-inch Dryer