Vastex DriBox The Little Shop's Best Friend

ALLENTOWN, PA — The DriBox Conveyor Dryer series from Vastex International offers the best performance available in small dryer convenience. Available in a standard 4 foot length and with two belt size options, 18" (DB-120) or 30" (DB-240), the DriBox offers features and performance you would normally only see in much larger dryers. The small footprints make these dryers ideal for anyone needing a conveyor dryer but having limited space to work with.


  • Infrared Focusing
    As with all Vastex dryers, the DriBox features infrared focusing. What this means is that with an easy turn of a crank, the user can adjust the height of the heating element to the belt from 2 to 7 inches! This should not be confused with simple doors that raise or lower as is offered by most other dryers in this class. This feature lets you truly adjust for better temperature control in particular if dealing with either thick (sweatshirts) or sensitive (nylon) fabrics.
  • Patented Belt Tracking System
    The 'X-Series' conveyor system used with the DriBox series provides a robust base for the conveyor along with a unique belt tracking system that allows for easy belt tracking adjustments if needed. Along with ball bearing belt rollers and a new drive assembly, this makes maintenance very easy.
  • Independent heat chambers
    with their own control and power cord, simply hook onto the conveyor and can be added at any time. Adding an additional chamber doubles your production capacity. Additionally, the belt can also be extended in 18" increments in either the front or the back to increase production. With the 'X-Series' conveyor, users can mix-and-match chambers, voltage and conveyor lengths to create a dryer best suited for their needs.
  • Legs
    are available as an option and can be added at any time.

The 18" wide DB-120 can conservatively handle 60 to 80+ shirts per hour while the 30" wide DB-240 can cure 80 to 100+ shirts per hour. This is the smallest footprint dryer available today that can handle these production speeds and the compact size makes it ideal for the small screen printer who is fighting for space to run his shop. With a 10-year warranty on the heater elements and 3-year warranty on everything else, these dryers are unmatched in the industry for their class.