Vastex Re-Designs DriBox Conveyor Dryers

Effective immediately, VASTEX will begin shipping a new and improved version of its well-known DriBox Conveyor Dryers (DB-120 or DB-240). The VASTEX DriBox is the only conveyor dryer in it's class to offer such features as heater height adjustment, easy expandability and a 10-year heater warranty.

As part of the new design, VASTEX has moved the integrated controls to an external box placing them further from the heat itself allowing for cooler access to the controls and providing for easier maintenance. The move to an external control box will also allow VASTEX to increase production capabilities to keep up with the high demand for this dryer.

In addition to this, VASTEX has redesigned the conveyor and is introducing its new X-Series conveyor system with this release. The X-Series conveyor system provides a more robust base for the conveyor along with a unique aligner that allows easy belt tracking adjustments if

needed. With the X-Series conveyor, users can now mix-and-match chambers, voltage and conveyor lengths to create a dryer best suited for their needs. The X-Series conveyor system will eventually be rolled-out with all VASTEX dryers.

"What's particularly exciting about the new DB-120 and DB-240 upgrades is that we've added a new compact conveyor of only 4 feet while still maintaining our high production rates," said Mark Vasilantone, President of Vastex. "The 18 inch wide DB-120 can conservatively handle 60 to 80+ shirts per hour while the 30 inch wide DB-240 can cure 80 to 100+ shirts per hour. This is the smallest footprint dryer available today that can handle these production speeds and the compact size makes it ideal for the small screenprinter who is fighting for space to run his shop."

By introducing the X-Series conveyor, VASTEX has been able to lower the price of both dryers making them even

more affordable. But as with all VASTEX dryers, they can be easily upgraded to accommodate increased production needs as the screenprinter's business grows. Additional chambers can be added at any time effectively doubling the production rates and the belt lengths can be easily extended in 18 inch increments.

Both models are tabletop dryers that can be placed most anywhere, even under a table. Legs are available and can be added at any time. "We're pleased to be continuing our long history of innovation in design with the release of the new DB Series of dryers. This is part of our continued commitment to providing quality products and services to the screenprinting industry," said Mark. With a 10 year warranty on the heater elements and 3 year warranty on everything else, these dryers are unmatched in the industry for their class.

Vastex DriBox Conveyor Dryers

Vastex DriBox Conveyor Dryers

Vastex DriBox Conveyor Dryers