New BigRed® V Series Dryers Cure All Ink Systems at Ultra-High Rates

A "BigRed V" series of high-performance, multipurpose conveyor dryers from Vastex cures plastisol, waterbase, discharge, digital inkjet and special effect inks at ultra-high rates.

BigRed3-V30 models (30 in./76.2 cm belt width) and BigRed3-V54 models (54 in./137 cm belt width) are equipped with three heaters ideal for curing of plastisol and water-based inks.

BigRed4-V30 and -V54 models are equipped with four heaters capable of curing plastisol and waterbased inks, plus digital inkjet prints requiring slower belt speeds and additional heat.

All BigRed3 and BigRed4 models can be expanded with additional heat chambers 4.5ft (137cm) in length.

A new two-zone temperature control with P.I.D. fuzzy logic, belt speed meter and bank of self-diagnostic lights, allows guess-free set up and operation of the curing process. Standard heater focusing allows infinite adjustment of heater height above the belt from 2 to 7 in. (5 to 18 cm).

The dryers also feature two new air-handling systems. One is a total chamber skin-cooling system that controls the volume of forced, "make-up" air passing

beneath the outer skin before entering the heating chamber. The other is a negative air exhaust system that draws heat, moisture and contaminants from the chamber and through the belt, serving to cool both the belt and the garments.

According to Mark Vasilantone, president, the dryers can cure at higher rates than competitive machines of equivalent size and power consumption: up to 1,800 garments/h for plastisol and 900/h for water-based and discharge, with rates for digitally printed garments dependent on the printer used and color(s) of ink.

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