Vastex Unveils the AutoFlash

Ever burned a shirt or a pallet with your manual spot-curing equipment? With the new AutoFlash, models AF-120 and AF-240, an automated flash cure unit from Vastex Screen Printing Equipment, you will never have to worry again about accidentally leaving the flash over the pallet. The AutoFlash will speed production by moving the flash head in and out of position at the touch of a foot pedal and prevent accidents that sometimes happen when the operator gets distracted.

This new unit has a heavy-duty gear motor that drives an eccentric arm to provide a smooth robotic motion. Standard controls are a foot pedal to start the cycle, a 0 to 30 second timer to set your process time over the pallet, and a power switch with

indicator light. An optional whisker switch will be available to automatically move the flash into position each time the pallet indexes. It can be used with any manual or automatic press for consistent, productive flashing of designs.

The AutoFlash also has a range of features that increase its versatility and adaptability to any press. It is height adjustable, and it has a head-leveling bolt to adjust the heater parallel to the press pallet. The low profile 2 7/8-inch head height allows it to easily fit between the screen and the platen. The head rotates 110 degrees smoothly and consistently to provide trouble-free spot curing and prevent overheating on your pallet. Two models are available: an 18 by

18 inch and an 18 by 24 inch. It also comes in 120 or 240 volts.

If you own a Vastex RedFlash or F-100 that was purchased in the past five years, you can retrofit your existing flash with AutoFlash capabilities. As with all Vastex dryers, it is backed with a 10-year heater warranty, the most extensive in the industry.

Founded in 1960, Vastex International is a leading manufacturer of screen-printing machinery. Vastex stands behind its products with unprecedented warranties, which includes 25 years on V-2000HD presses. Call (610) 625-2702 for more information.