Wing Pallet for Screen Printing Across Chest and Short Sleeve

ALLENTOWN, PA — A new Short Sleeve Wing Pallet introduced by Vastex International allows screen printing across the chest and short sleeve. A 1/4 in. (6 mm) thick foam pad is included to bridge the seams in the sleeve and collar. Two sizes are available: 21 x 18 in. long (53 x 46 cm long) and 21 x 27 in. long (53 x 69 cm long). The longer pallet accommodates tall designs dipping farther down the chest to a person's mid-section.

The non-warping, rubber-covered steel pallet is elevated off of the supporting arm to allow

printing supporting arm to allow printing of a maximum sized design without stretching the garment.

Vector layout files of both sizes are available to aid in positioning of artwork. Suggested screen sizes are 23 x 31 in. (60 x 80 cm) and 25 x 36 in. (64 x 91 cm).

The new pallet is supplied as standard with a four-bolt, Universal Pallet Mount that fastens to the rotor arm of any manual screen printing press. Optional quick-release receivers with heavy duty corner clamps and single

hand-screw knobs allow an operator to secure the pallet assembly onto the rotor arm of virtually any manual press in 10 seconds.

Other specialized pallets offered by the company allow printing on long sleeves, pockets, legs, zippered garments, umbrellas, hats, koozies and other textiles and hard goods. Square and trapezoidal pallets in a range of sizes allow printing on infant wear to XXL garments, as well as all-over printing and signage printing.

Wing Pallet for Screen Printing Across Chest and Short Sleeve

Vastex Short Sleeve Wing Pallet of rubber-covered steel is offered in left-side (shown) and right-side versions. A 1/4 in. (6 mm) thick foam pad (not shown) is included to bridge sleeve and collar seams.