Infrared/Air Flash-Cure Station Protects Delicates, Speeds Drying

ALLENTOWN, PA — A new Air-Flash™ combination infrared/air flash-cure station from Vastex International features an adjustable forced air system that protects delicate textiles during infrared flash-curing of plastisol inks, speeds the evaporative drying of water based inks, and cools the unit's enclosure for operator safety, according to Mark Vasilantone, president.

"Combining infrared heating with forced air has the effect of heating the ink while cooling the garment," says Vasilantone, explaining that the amount of infrared heat needed to melt plastisol ink can also melt, shrink or burn nylon, polyester, Dazzle cloth, Spandex and other heat-sensitive fabrics unless they are cooled.

With water-based inks that require moisture removal for

drying, the flow of forced air across the infrared-heated ink accelerates evaporation, significantly reducing the time and energy needed to flash-dry each garment, according to the company.

The unit's steel enclosure is cooled for operator safety by an adjustable air diverter system instead of a conventional fan speed control. At higher air velocities, air is forced across the underside of the enclosure before exiting downward through perforations in the heater's lower surface, thereby cooling the outer skin of the enclosure. At lower air velocities, correspondingly larger volumes of air are diverted across the underside of the enclosure, instead of through the heater, with the same enclosure-cooling effect.

Depth-adjustable heater shields located on three sides of the enclosure isolate ambient air from heated air, maintaining edge-to-edge temperature uniformity of the heated area.

Three models are offered: a 2000 watt (120V) "Air-Flash 1818" with 18 x 18 in. heater surface, a 3500 watt (240V) "Air-Flash 1818" with 18 x 18 in. heater surface, and a 4300 watt (240V) "Air-Flash 1824" with 18 X 24 in. heater surface. All carry a 10-year heater warranty and are offered as standard with a 140 cu ft/min blower, a filtered air intake to deliver clean air to the heater, diagnostic pilot lights, powder-coated steel construction, and user-adjustable air diverter, heat shields, head height and head level.

AIR-FLASH Infrared/Flash-Cure Station

Air-Flash™ station combines forced air with infrared heating to cool plastisol-printed garments during flash curing, speed the drying of water-based inks, and cool the heater enclosure for safety.