V-2000 Manual Press Upgrade

New quick-release pallets for faster press changeovers

Vastex is announcing a major upgrade to the popular V-2000HD premium line manual press. The press is now manufactured with new rotor arms that have quick-release pallets for faster press changeovers. With this improved system, instead of having to loosen two knobs and remove the pallet, a single knob is loosened and the pallet can be slid off. The new pallet is quickly put on, the knob is re-tightened, and the press is ready for production.

This new design uses a unique and very heavy duty corner clamp with a floating captured washer to spread out the clamping load and prevent

any gouging of the rotor arm. The new quick-release pallet arm better maintains the strength and integrity of the press for more precise registration, and it improves the accuracy of the pallet position to the arm. It is now available on all V-2000HD presses and as an upgrade to V-2000 presses that may have the older system. A version of this system was first tested on the commercial-grade V-1000 presses and now is ready for use on the premium V-2000HD presses.


V-1000 Manual Garment Printer