Vastex Makes Improvements to V-1000 Manual Press

Vastex has recently made a number of improvements to its new V-1000 manual textile printing press, which is specifically designed for new printers on a limited budget.

The print head features a new leveling adjustment knob that makes it easier to level the screen from front to back. The screen clamp has been redesigned adding sight slots that allow operators to see better while making off-contact and side-to-side screen-leveling adjustments. The lift springs also have been improved. There are now three positions that allow for greater flexibility and the springs will hold heavier screens.

With the Vastex V-1000 press, start-up shops can afford a

professional-quality press that will make them more money faster than any other option in its price range. This well-built press uses a unique floating head design with a three-point bearing lock that ensures accurate registration and also can be used with all heads down. It comes with micro registration, six-way screen leveling, and steel pallets with rubber tops that also can be leveled.

This economy model comes in a range of configurations to fit the needs of your shop. It's available as a table-top unit or mounted on legs. A handy utility cart is available to put the table-top unit on, which also can be used to store screens and inks. The table-top unit comes as one

station up to four colors. The standing press goes up to four stations/six colors.

This press ships via UPS in multiple boxes and holds up to 21-inch by 28-inch screens. It has a one-year warranty on manufacturer's defects. The V-1000 is part of a new line of equipment designed by Vastex to help newcomers get started in the business. Other equipment in the line includes the E-200 exposing unit and the F-100 flash cure. Also check out the D-100, a compact conveyor dryer that is 30 inches wide, which is available in 120 volt.

V-1000 Manual Press