New Print Head Speeds Setup

BETHLEHEM, PA — Vastex commercial-grade V-1000 manual screen printing presses are now equipped as standard with a print head that allows easier and more accurate screen pitch adjustment.

"The new adjustment system better isolates front-to-rear movement of the print head with no effect on other adjustments, and moves the adjustment point from the central color hub to the print head itself for operator convenience," explains Mark Vasilantone, president.

Other print head adjustments move screens left/right, forward/back and up/down, and tilt left-to-right, enabling the operator to control all positional aspects of the screen with precision repeatability.

The modular print head can also replace existing V-1000 print heads and/or be added to existing V-1000 presses, which can accommodate up to eight print heads and eight stations.

V-1000 presses in one-, four- and eight- colors accommodate screens up to 23 in. (58.4 cm) wide, while six-color

models handle screens up to 21 in. (53.3 cm) wide.

All feature steel pallets with rubber tops, all-steel construction, and floating heads with three-point bearing locks allowing multiple heads down.

Also offered are industrial-grade V-2000HD presses with 1 to 10 stations and 1 to 10 print heads, light duty V-100 presses with 1 to 4 stations and 1 to 4 print heads, and low cost V-10 tabletop craft/hobby printers.

New Print Head Speeds Setup

V-1000 print head isolates front-to-rear pitch movement and relocates the adjustment point closer to the operator.