Double Face Mask Pallet

BETHLEHEM, PA — Vastex International has introduced a new Face Mask Pallet with a Quick-Stretch design for rapid screen printing on a wide variety of face mask types and styles, announced Mark Vasilantone, president.

The pallet can be secured with two lock knobs to any Vastex press, or other presses having a 2.5 in. x 1.5 in. (6.35 x 3.81 cm) rotor arm.

"The need and use of face masks is universal and, in many cases mandatory, enabling screen printers to replace or exceed imprinted garment jobs lost due to lock-downs on concerts, sports, schools and other group events," says Vasilantone, adding, "Since they are disposable and purchased daily in the millions, masks hold enormous volume potential for printers, not only as custom jobs but as highly creative stock designs that can be sold online for political, athletic, comical or other applications."

Rubber strips of the Quick-Stretch frame stretch single- or multi-layer mask material over the diamond shaped, rubber covered pallets, flattening pleats and contours in the imprint area with no shifting or need for pallet adhesive.

The never-warp pallet is constructed of high-strength steel and includes a convenient holder for the template frame during re-loading of masks.

A list of sources for face mask blanks is included as standard.

The company also offers shirt pallets in numerous stock and custom sizes, and over 50 specialized pallets for screen printing on long sleeves, pockets, legs, zippered garments, umbrellas, hats, koozies and other textiles and hard goods. Square and trapezoidal pallets in a range of sizes allow printing on infant wear to XXL garments, as well as all-over printing.

Double Face Mask Pallet

The Vastex Double Face Mask Pallet stretches single- or multi-layer mask material over diamond shaped, rubber covered pallets, flattening pleats and contours in the imprint area.

Double Face Mask Pallet

Masks hold high volume potential for printers among a broader customer base, as both custom jobs and highly creative stock designs sold online, potentially replacing or exceeding imprinted garment orders lost due to lock-downs of group events.