Vacuum Pallet for Screen Printing on Flat Substrates

BETHLEHEM, PA — Vastex International has introduced a new 26.5 x 37.5 in. (67 x 95 cm) Vacuum Pallet to hold poster board, corrugated plastic and other flat substrates in place quickly and firmly on a standard textile screen printing press.

"The new larger vacuum pallet offers garment screen printers a quick, easy way to diversify into printing signage, bumper stickers and posters on corrugated, foamed, or magnetic stock, as well as paper, cardboard and paper-thin plastics down to 10 mil," says Mark Vasilantone, president.

The all-steel pallet contains hundreds of perforations across a 25 x 36 in. (64 x 91 cm) suction grid, holding materials with vacuum more securely than possible with glue or quick

stretch. It is offered self-powered in 120V or 240V models with integral blower or with a universal hose adapter for connection to a customer-supplied shop vacuum or central vacuum system.

Equipped with a leveling feature to assure even transfer of ink, the pallet allows printing on flat stock slightly larger than the pallet itself, and can withstand the heat of repeated flash cure cycles.

It is mounted as standard on a heavy-duty pallet arm that slides onto the rotor arm of Vastex V-2000HD series presses, and is secured in place using two lock knobs. It can also be mounted to the pallet arms of other manual presses having adequate weight capacity.

"The vacuum pallet gives garment printing shops a low-cost way to create an additional income stream from existing clubs, schools, teams and other garment customers, while attracting new customers needing flat screen printing services," says Vasilantone.

The company also offers a smaller 18 x 24 in. (46 x 61 cm) vacuum pallet that can be utilized on both Vastex V-2000HD and lighter-duty V-1000 presses, in addition to 50 specialized non-vacuum pallets for screen printing on long sleeves, pockets, legs, zippered garments, umbrellas, hats, koozies and other textiles and hard goods. Square and trapezoidal pallets in a range of sizes allow printing on infant wear to XXL garments, as well as all-over printing.

Vacuum Pallet for Screen Printing on Flat Substrates

Vastex 26.5 x 37.5 in. (67 x 95 cm) vacuum pallet with integral 120V or 240V vacuum pump.

Vacuum Pallet for Screen Printing on Flat Substrates

Vastex Vacuum Pallet with universal hose adapter for connection to customer-supplied vacuum.