Vastex Relocates to New Headquarters

BETHLEHEM, PA — Vastex International, a leading manufacturer of screen printing equipment, has moved from its Allentown, PA location into its recently completed manufacturing facility and world headquarters in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, it was announced by President Mark Vasilantone.

"The new building is purpose-built for workflow efficiency," he says, "with raw materials received in one bay, moving through metalworking, welding, finishing, electrical and assembly departments, with completed screen printing equipment loaded for shipment through three additional bays."

The facility also houses dedicated space for new product development, administrative offices, meeting/conference spaces, an equipment showroom and a large hands-on classroom area with a full complement of screen printing equipment for Vastex University, the

company's training program for entry-level to professional screen printers.

"We had expanded the previous plant into adjacent spaces twice, and into a separate building to meet demand," explains Vasilantone, "but the new plant provides the layout as well as the growing room to produce equipment significantly faster and more efficiently."

"We purchased an 8.25 acre site, and designed the new building with a break-out wall to expand our space when we again reach capacity," says Vasilantone.

Founded in 1960, the family-owned business is now in its third generation and manufactures manual screen printing presses, athletic numbering attachments, infrared conveyor dryers, flash cure units, screen coaters, screen drying cabinets, screen exposing units, screen registration systems and utility equipment.

Vastex Relocates to New Headquarters

New Vastex International headquarters opens in Bethlehem, PA