Vastex Makes Improvements to EconoRed I Dryers

Vastex has made recent improvements to its EconoRed I (EC-1) dryer that make it an even better value for a start-up shop or screen printing operation with limited space. This powerful, compact dryer, which can output up to 150 shirts per hour, is 5½ feet (1.7 meters) long and has a 30-inch (76 cm) wide conveyor belt with 3,500 watts of digitally controlled heat.

Beginning in May 2008, all EconoRed I dryers will have an upgraded control relay. The new relay is 50-amp solid state or SSR, which will provide more reliable service and is ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant.

The temperature control also has been improved. Formerly a single line control, Vastex has taken the larger dual digital control, offered in its premium line of dryers, and made it a standard feature on the EconoRed I. With this dual control, temperature adjustments are easier, and you can monitor the actual temperature against the set temperature to ensure consistent, even heat.

Belt speed can be changed more quickly and easily on the upgraded EconoRed I because the belt speed control has been moved from a conveyor mount to the main control box. Now all controls are conveniently located in the same spot

requiring less movement to adjust them.

Other great features on the EconoRed that have not changed are the 2 foot (60.96 cm) long heat chamber, which has a heater height adjustment for optimal efficiency. It can be adjusted to accommodate T-shirts, caps, jackets, and more. It has an X-series conveyor belt for accurate, dependable tracking. It costs only 21 cents an hour per chamber to operate based on six kilowatt cents an hour. It's also expandable so it can grow as your shop grows. Add either 20-inch (51cm) heating chambers or 18-inch (46 cm) belt extensions to increase productivity.

EconoRed I Dryer