Economical Screen Coater Rack Improves Quality, Saves Time

ALLENTOWN, PA — The new C-100 Screen Coater Rack from Vastex International holds printing screens firmly in place for repeatable results, saving time and improving consistency, it was announced by Mark Vasilantone, president.

Available in a wall-mount or stand design, the rigid carbon steel rack allows fast clamping of screens in all popular sizes from 23 to 36 in. (58 to 91 cm) long, and requires no tools to adjust for height or screen size.

"The C-100 Screen Coater Rack is the affordable answer to the never-ending chore of coating screens. It frees up the operator's hands so screens can be coated evenly and consistently, without the worry of screens slipping or dropping," says Vasilantone.

The rack, which has a durable baked-on finish, comes standard with wall mount hardware, and is available with an optional stand with or without wheels.

It weighs 20 lbs. (9 kg) or less, and is shippable via UPS or other common carrier.

Economical Screen Coater Rack Improves Quality, Saves Time

With standard wall mount or optional stand (shown), the Vastex Screen Coater Rack frees the operator's hands to coat the screen quickly, easily and uniformly.