Pallet Rack for Screen Printers

ALLENTOWN, PA — Vastex International has introduced a new VP-Cruiser Mobile Pallet Rack for organizing, storing and relocating screen printing pallets, it was announced by Mark Vasilantone, president.

Constructed of heavy-gauge carbon steel with durable industrial finish, it has a wide base with four casters, allowing pallets to be rolled to screen printing presses for rapid removal and insertion of pallets.

"The new rack eliminates walking to and from storage areas each

time a pallet is removed and inserted, allows ergonomic cleaning of pallets off press, and consolidates pallets in one location with minimal usage of shop space," says Vasilantone.

The unit can be outfitted with up to 12 Model 11-02-005-0 holders for pallets of V-2000HD series screen printing presses, or up to 18 Model 11-02-006-0 holders for pallets of V-1000 series screen printing presses, as well as pallets of other presses.

VP-Cruiser racks of either configuration can be assembled in less than one hour, and come with a one-year warranty.

The company offers over 20 types of pallets in a range of sizes for screen printing on tees, hoodies, long sleeves, pant legs, caps/brims, umbrellas, koozies, signage and hard goods.

Pallet Rack for Screen Printers

VP-Cruiser Mobile Pallet Rack (shown with 12 model 11-02-005-0 holders for pallets of V-2000HD screen printing presses) allows rapid changing of pallets, eliminates multiple trips to storage areas and allows cleaning of pallets off press, while occupying minimal shop space.