Vastex vacuum pallet for under-brim printing

ALLENTOWN, PA — A new Junior Vacuum Pallet for screen printing on the underside of two cap brims simultaneously has been introduced by Vastex International, it was announced by Mark Vasilantone, president.

The new pallet is equipped with a universal hose fitting for quick connection to a shop vacuum. Air drawn through three holes on each side of the pallet, holds hat brims in place for screen printing in single or multiple colors in tight registration.

The vacuum pallet top is offered separately (VAC-J-BRIM), or affixed to a pallet arm with a large hand knob for tool-free

connection to Vastex V-1000 presses (VAC-J-BRIM w/ V1-ARM-M) or V-2000 presses (VAC-J-BRIM w/ V2-ARM-M).

Also available is a complete (non-vacuum) Hat Printing Package that includes one of three styles of hat pallets, a screen arm extension, 9 x 12 in. (23 x 30 cm) hat screen with 110 mesh, and a hat pallet arm attachment with spring-loaded hold-down.

Vastex offers over 20 specialty pallets for screen printing on hats, garments, umbrellas, koozies, signage and hard goods.

Vastex vacuum pallet for under-brim printing

Vastex Junior Vacuum Pallet connects to standard shop vacuums, allowing under-brim screen printing on two caps at once in tight registration.

Vastex vacuum pallet for under-brim printing