Vastex Matches Donations to Wounded Warrior Project

ALLENTOWN, PA — Vastex International, a leading manufacturer of screen printing equipment, contributed $1590 to the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) by matching donations received at trade shows through T-shirt give-aways, it was announced by Vastex President Mark Vasilantone.

The company prints T-shirts at trade shows to demonstrate its equipment, and at this year's ISS show in Atlantic City, printed a shirt specially designed to encourage donations to the WWP. "The response was terrific," says Vasilantone. "In three days we raised $795.00 from ISS attendees, which Vastex matched and presented to the WWP."

"We just want to help our troops," says Vasilantone.

Steven Nardizzi, Executive Director of the WWP said, "Thank you so much for your generous gift of $1,590 on 03/28/2012 to Wounded Warrior Project. I cannot thank you enough for your support of the truly deserving thousands of men and women who have been wounded in our current military conflicts."

The Wounded Warrior Project was created in response to the needs of servicemen and women returning from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, its stated mission is to "honor and empower wounded warriors" and "to raise awareness.for the needs of injured service members."

Vastex International contributed $1590 to the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) by matching donations received at the 2012 ISS show in Atlantic City through give-aways of printed T-shirts tied to the cause.

Mark Vasilantone, President (left) with Paul Zingone, Sales, wearing T-shirt designed and printed to support the Wounded Warrior Project.