Flash-Cure Heat Shields Equalize Edge-to-Edge Temps

ALLENTOWN, PA — Vastex International's Air-Flash™ is the screen printing industry's first flash cure unit equipped with adjustable heat shields on three sides of the enclosure, improving edge-to-edge temperature uniformity for increased output and image quality, according to Mark Vasilantone, president.

Supplied as standard on the company's Air-Flash™ flash cure unit, the heat shields work in concert with the high-output infrared heater and forced air system to deliver ultra-high curing/drying rates with superior edge-to-edge temperature uniformity. "The combination of high output infrared curing and forced air applied evenly between heat shields, provides the widest possible curing area and curing rates, without the over-curing of garment centers or under-curing of edges associated with exceeding the limits of conventional flash cure units," says Vasilantone.

Infrared heat and forced air applied uniformly across the

garment surface are said to activate plastisol inks rapidly yet evenly, while cooling nylon, polyester, Dazzle cloth, Spandex, or other heat-sensitive fabrics. Forced air across infrared-heated ink also can accelerate drying of water-based inks resulting in a reduction of the cure time of each garment.

The Air-Flash offers the versatility of selecting air only, full heat and air, or modulated air velocity and heat (high-low).

The outer skin and side handles are cooled for operator safety by an adjustable air diverter system instead of a conventional fan speed control. Heavy-duty side handles and locking casters come as additional standard safety features. An optional heavy-duty stand is also available.

Three models are offered: A 2000 watt (120V) "Air Flash 1818" with 18 x 18 in. heater surface, a 3500 watt (240V) "Air-Flash 1818" with 18 x 18 in. heater surface, and a

4300 watt (240V) "Air-Flash 1824" with 18 X 24 in. heater surface. All carry a 10-year heater warranty and are offered as standard with a 140 cu ft/min blower, a filtered air intake to deliver clean air to the heater, diagnostic pilot lights, powder-coated steel construction, and user-adjustable air diverter, heat shields, head height and head level.

Optional on all Air-Flash models is an Auto-Flash upgrade that rotates the head into place above the pallet with the touch of a foot pedal, and automatically rotates the head away from the pallet after a user-adjustable dwell time has elapsed, to prevent the burning of garments that occurs when operators become distracted. Two models are available: an 18 x 18 inch and an 18 x 24 inch, both in 120 or 240 volts.

Flash-Cure Heat Shields Equalize Edge-to-Edge Temps

Adjustable heat shields of Air-Flash™ system, in combination with high-output infrared heater and forced air, maximize flash cure output, quality and image size. Shown with optional Auto-Flash upgrade for automatic head rotation away from the pallet after a user-adjustable dwell time has elapsed.