Vastex Ships 10 Color / 10 Station Manual Press

Vastex International is pleased to announce it has shipped its first 10 color / 10 station manual rotary press. As with all Vastex V-2000 presses, the 10/10 features such exclusives as never warp steel pallets with rubber tops, gas lifters with 16 position variable lift strength, embedded registration bearings (close to the screen), anti-backlash screen arm hinges, 12" wide steel rear screen clamps and super heavy duty print heads. Other standard features include all heads down print heads, heavy gauge all steel construction, tool-less micro-registration (zero backlash), adjustable roller position lock bearings, quick release pallets, 6-way print head leveling, industrial strength steel tube legs and various options including athletic numbering, pin registration, vacuum pallet, side clamps and cap, polo and pocket or leg, sleeve, junior, oversize and custom pallets. The first presses shipping out the door feature our new 20" x 24" Jumbo Pallets for a special order from Pakistan.

The Vastex V-2000HD-1010 is ideal for screen printers with high art or production demands. The 10 colors will allow for more flexibility in designs where there is a requirement for more than the usual 4 to 8 colors. The extra print heads also allow for easier mixing of specialty inks within standard designs. Plus the additional production capabilities of the 10/10 can also save time and money. Besides the fact that you are literally able to print 10 shirts at the same time, the additional pallets and print heads mean you can actually set-up multiple jobs at the same time! For example, a screen printer could have a four-color job front and back. This job could be set up, front & back, on the 10/10 printer and printed all in one shot. And if for any reason a shirt got damaged (burned, a hole found, etc.), a replacement shirt could be reprinted without having to take down and reset the press for the other side of the shirt.

The V-2000HD-1010 also fully supports Vastex's unique athletic numbering system and because of the extra head and pallets is actually the fastest production numbering system on the market. You can literally print 2 color numbers, 2 color team names or logos and flash all at the same time.

Because it is part of the V-2000HD family of presses, existing Vastex V-2000 users can upgrade to the 10/10 at any time. And as with all Vastex V-2000 presses, it features our 25 year limited warranty!

"We've had the design for the V-2000HD-1010 on the books for a long time," said Mark Vasilantone, president of Vastex International. "We're glad to be actually producing and shipping them now. This is another milestone in our 45 year history and demonstrates our continued focus on innovative designs and quality products."

V2HD-1010 with screens

with screens

V2HD-1010 without screens

without screens

V2HD-1010 with side clamps

with side clamps

V2HD-1010 with numbering attachment

with numbering attachment