Today's Vastex offers a broad range of equipment and accessories for DTG printers, DTF printers and screen printers that satisfies the needs of start-up shops up to large commercial operations — both with maximum cost effectiveness. Industry-leading warranties include 15 years on all infrared heaters and 25 years on heavy duty presses, testament to the unrivaled durability and reliability of Vastex equipment now operating in 50 countries. The line now encompasses: modular/expandable infrared conveyor dryers for DTG,

DTF and screen printing, modular/expandable manual screen printing presses, flash cure units, pin registration systems, screen exposure units, screen drying cabinets, wash-out booths and numerous accessories — all backed by the friendly and knowledgeable Vastex Technical Support Team. In addition, Vastex now represents the complete line of ROQ automatic presses, enabling the highest volume commercial printers to benefit from partnering with Vastex.



In addition to world-leading equipment, Vastex offers comprehensive training to improve any or all aspects of your DTG, DTF or screen printing business. Sessions range from half days to one, two, three and four full days, to custom on-site instruction for your entire staff in

virtually any location worldwide. A diverse curriculum spans art preparation, printing techniques and marketing of your business, providing everything the beginner, intermediate and advanced printer needs to succeed.



In 1960, the husband/wife team of Mike and Fannie Vasilantone named their new textile screen printing business Vastex (for Vasilantone and textile), and quickly recognized the need for better ways to mass produce screen printed T-shirts for that fast growing market. An engineer and inventor, Mike soon dedicated Vastex to the development of new machinery designs and manufacturing standards that are still adopted by the industry today. Some of the company's patented inventions include the dual rotary printing press (where the pallets and print heads both rotate), the four-way stretch hold down for printing jackets and dual layer fabrics, and the air recirculation system for dryers. Other inventions include the first small product electric infrared dryer, a patented belt alignment/tracking device, and a small mechanical squeegee.

To this day, the company's heavy-duty presses are guaranteed for an unprecedented 25 years.

The reputation of Vastex engineering and equipment performance spread quickly among screen printing professionals internationally, propelling the company to an international leadership position with equipment operating in over 50 countries.

Mike and Fannie retired in 1999, transitioning ownership of the company to their son Mark Vasilantone. Himself an accomplished engineer, Mark has continued revolutionizing the design and performance of Vastex equipment, more than tripling sales in his first 10 years.

While the company remains at the forefront of the heavy machinery market for high volume printers, it has incorporated many attributes of this equipment into a new, separate line of entry level machinery, enabling smaller, lower-volume shops to achieve precision results while remaining competitive.

The company has also expanded its Vastex University educational department, offering what has become the nation's widest selection of screen printing classes geared toward the differing needs of beginning, intermediate, and professional screen printers.

In 2018 Vastex moved from its Allentown, PA location into its new manufacturing facility and world headquarters in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The new building is designed from the ground up for manufacturing efficiency, and expands the space available for new product development, administrative offices, conferences, an equipment showroom and a large hands-on classroom area with a full complement of screen printing equipment for Vastex University.

Built with a break-out wall, the building is situated on a double-size lot of 8.25 acres, facilitating another expansion when the company again reaches capacity.

Despite many changes over many years, what has not changed is the company's commitment to thoroughly satisfying each valued customer, not only with high performance machinery, but also with personal, dedicated service.

About Us

Vastex founders Fannie and Michael Vasilantone at a screen printing tradeshow.

About Us

Vastex built this factory in Branchburg, NJ in 1975. The company expanded into a larger facility in Allentown, PA in 1998.

About Us

New Vastex International headquarters opens in Bethlehem, PA