Vastex Releases New 30 inch DriBox Dryer

Vastex has just released a new, more powerful dryer as part of its DriBox series. The DB-II-30 is now available with two 2,600-watt heaters that increase its production capacity from 80-100 shirts an hour to a whopping 160-200 shirts per hour. This dryer is ideal for any screen printer or direct-to-garment decorator who needs a higher volume dryer at an affordable price. This sturdy 30-inch belt dryer has standard features that include separate heater controls, separate heater height adjustment and tilt, and the

X-series conveyor and belt tracking system. These adjustments allow you to set your dryer for T-shirts, caps, jackets, performance wear and more to ensure that they cure properly. The dryer length is 7 feet.

Forced hot air can be added to this dryer, which aids in curing water-based inks, as well as a power exhaust. The DB-II-30 also comes standard with legs to stand the dryer on, expandable chambers and/or belt extensions, user-friendly

diagnostic pilot lights, and a lift-off heater for mobility and easy expansion. There are ball bearings on all the belt pulleys and wide feed and exit openings.

This dryer is designed for growing shops that need to upgrade their production or digital decorators who are finding that a heat press is not keeping up with their direct-to-garment shirt production. The infrared heating panels come with a 10-year warranty.

Vastex Releases New 30 inch DriBox Dryer