Entry-Level Screen Printing Shop

ALLENTOWN, PA — A complete Entry-Level Screen Printing Shop with screen registration system, exposing unit, utility cart, screen printing press, flash-cure unit and infrared dryer has been introduced by Vastex International, it was announced by Mark Vasilantone, president.

"Components of the system are performance-matched to maximize payback for the entry-level printer, while allowing expandability when volume increases," says Vasilantone.

The VRS Screen Registration System included allows personnel to expose positives onto screens in precise register off press, and press operators

to insert those screens ready for printing in precise register in only 10 minutes, dramatically increasing press uptime and profit.

Screens up to 21 x 24 in. (533 x 610 mm) are exposed on an E-1000 Entry-Level Exposing Unit with vacuum hold-down, timer, black UV lights, and UC-1000 mobile utility cart with four-screen capacity.

The heart of the system is a four-station/four-color V-1000 Commercial-Grade Manual Garment Printer with a unique floating print head, said to register as accurately as the most costly, high output machines on the market.

To partially cure (flash) an individual color in several seconds before printing the next color, an F-Flash Entry-Level Flash Cure Unit with 1750W high-density infrared heater is included.

An Econo-Red I Compact Infrared Dryer with 3,500 watts of digitally controlled heat finishes the job by drying up to 150 garments per hour.

Entry-level shop packages are offered by the company, as well as stand-alone entry-level machines, and a full line of professional-grade screen printing equipment.

Entry-Level Screen Printing Shop

Vastex complete shop packages for entry-level screen printers take the risk and guesswork out matching equipment.